Adult Neuropsychological Questionnaire

Purpose: Designed to screen for brain dysfunction.

Population: Adults.

Time: (5-10) minutes.

Author: Fernando Melendez.

Publisher: Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.

Description: The Adult Neuropsychological Questionnaire consists of 54 items designed to be administered as a semi-structured interview. It can also be self-administered. The purpose of the questionnaire is to "inquire about complaints, symptoms, and signs that may suggest underlying brain dysfunction or other organic conditions" (manual, p.1). It was developed initially as an aid for students who were not well versed in signs and symptoms associated with neurologic conditions.

Scoring: The test manual is essentially an interpretive guide that contains a rationale for the items that have been included. The authors suggest that formal assessment will often confirm or clarify the symptoms endorsed, although no data are presented to support this assertion.

Reliability and Validity: The manual contains no information on reliability or validity.

Norms: The manual contains no normative data.

Suggested Uses: Although designed to help students and non-neuropsychologist inquire about symptoms, history, or other complaints that may be associated with neuropsychological disorders, reviewers discourage its use claiming poor organization and over-interpretations about the significance and possible attribution of specific symptoms.