Bender Gestalt Monograph

Purpose: Published to disseminate unusual techniques and research of clinical interest in the Gestalt tradition.

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Author: Lauretta Bender.

Publisher: The American Orthopsychiatric Association, Inc.

Description: This book is authored by the creator of the Bender-Gestalt test. The authorís motivation for this published work is the "mass of data that has been accumulated which is offered as a contribution to the psychology of gestalt, to the psychology of the functioning of the personality, and to the science of clinical medicine. Furthermore, it will be the effort of the author to indicate in what way this new data adds new understanding to the functions of the normal mind and to various forms of pathological mental states." Bear in mind that this "new" data the author was referring to was published in before 1938. This book illuminates the processes inherent in Gestalt theory and has tremendous clinical applicability for clinicians using the Bender-Gestalt test.

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