Boston Naming Test Purpose: Designed to measure object naming from line drawings.

Population: Not reported.

Score: N/A.

Time: Not reported.

Author: Sandra Weintraub.

Publisher: The Psychological Corporation.

Description: The Boston Naming Test (BNT) represents a measure of object naming from line drawings that takes into account the finding that patients with dysnomia often have greater difficulties with the naming of low frequency objects. Thus, instead of there being a simple category of anomia, naming difficulties may be rank ordered along a continuum. Items have been rank ordered in terms of their ability to be named, which is thought to be correlated with their frequency. This type of picture-naming vocabulary test is useful in the examination of children with learning disabilities and the evaluation of brain-injured adults.

Scoring: The BNT contains 60 items.

Reliability, Validity, and Norms: This information is not provided in the manual.

Suggested Uses: Recommended as a supplement to the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination.