BRL Sorting Test

Purpose: Designed to assess sorting behavior and its psychological implications.

Population: Unknown.

Score: Unknown.

Time: Unknown.

Author: Unknown.

Publisher: Unknown.

Description: This test attempts to measure level of concept formation through sorting behavior. The authors assert that sorting behavior, in response to the instruction to "put together those which belong together," is an expression of concept formation. It may take both the form of actively putting together those objects that "belong together," and the form of discovering why the objects put together "belong together."

Scoring: Scoring takes into account both sorting and verbalization. Specifically, the administrator scores: 1) the adequacy of sorting and verbalization--that is, to what degree the sortings or verbalizations approximate or deviate from the norm on that item; 2) the conceptual level of verbalization--that is, whether the definition of the group was on an abstract, functional, or concrete level; 3) and the concept span--that is, the patientís regard for all the objects in the test, and whether he or she omitted or included too many objects in the group that was sorted.

Reliability, Validity, and Norms: The manual contains no information on reliability, validity, and norms.

Suggested Uses: Suggested uses include assessment of concept formation in a research setting.