Child Neuropsychological Questionnaire

Purpose: Designed to evaluate children suspected of having brain dysfunctions.

Population: Children.

Scores: Overall evaluation of neuropsychological impairment.

Time: Not reported.

Author: Fernando Melendez.

Publisher: Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.

Description: The Child Neuropsychological Questionnaire consists of 42 items that cover pre-, peri-, and postnatal problems, developmental milestones, medical events, psychosocial development, and educational history. The manual author suggests the aim is to "try to make a three-way differentiation between entities that generally show very similar signs and symptoms; childhood schizophrenia, abnormal electrical functions, and posterior fossa neoplasms." The questions cover the standard information that should be obtained in a diagnostic interview that is directed toward a child’s psychiatric or neuropsychological problems.

Scoring: The Questionnaire consists of 42 items; 7 require narration and 35 require only a yes/no answer. The rationale for each of the questions and suggestions concerning the possible diagnostic significance of each item and the type of follow-up that might be needed are provided in the manual.

Reliability, Validity, and Norms: The manual contains no reliability, validity and normative data.

Suggested Uses: Suggested uses include differential diagnosis in pediatric neuropsychology or as a training device to train students and to alert them to the possible significance of various behaviors and the reasons for pursuing diverse areas of inquiry.