Slosson Drawing Coordination Test

Purpose:  Designed to identify individuals with brain dysfunction or perceptual disorders involving hand eye coordination.

Population:  Children and Adults

Scores:  Raw scores, Accuracy Score

Time:  (10-15) minutes

Author:  Richard L. Slosson

Publisher:  Slosson Educational Publications

Description:  The Slosson Drawing Coordination Test (SDCT) is a supplement to the Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT).  It can be given individually or in groups.

Scoring:  Each drawing is scored either “plus” when all lines are contained in the drawing, and or “minus” when the elements are elements are distorted.  The raw scor is the total mumber of “minus” drawings.  The Accuracy score is a percentage score for errors at a certain age, and is obtained from a table in the manual.

Reliability:  The reliability coefficient was .96 for test-retest reliability on a sample ranging from 4 to 52 years, tested at the beginning and the end of the same session. Inter-scorer reliability is high, as scoring rules have been simplified.

Validity:   The goal of this test is to screen our individuals with serious forms of brain damage.  Individuals with emotional or mental disturbances, those lacking motivation, or those with vision impairments may also show an abnormal degree of distortion on this test. There are also brain dysfunctions that do not involve eye-hand coordination, so this SDCT should be used in coordination with the SIT to strengths and weaknesses may be determined from the analysis of scatter.  Qualitative validation research involved testing individuals who were known to be brain damaged.

Norms:  Norms have been established for each age level and for each figure.  Norms have been established for groups reflecting the individual’s gender, age, dexterity, artistic ability, vision defects and disorganizing emotional or mental illness.

Suggested use:  The SCDT can be used in conjunction with the Slosson Intellegence Test.  It can be used to identify individuals with varois forms of brain dysfunction of perceptual disorders where eye-hand coordination is involved.